Bowel Cancer and screening

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    Ok just to do my bit for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. There have been a couple of high profile men talking in the press about their recent diagnoses and the availability (or not) of bowel cancer screening programmes. Early diagnosis (as there are often no symptoms in early stages) is critical to survival rates. We are fortunate enough to live in one of the areas of England that has now introduced the offer of a one-off bowelscope (camera up the bum) at the age of 55 (and there's faecal screening available from age 60). Prince Pooper is now 55 so he had his call up papers and although he didn't fancy the thought of it, went for his scope without me even having to nag him. A single polyp was found, removed, and the biopsy revealed it was harmless, so all is well. But apparently most of the people who are offered screening do not take it up, which is crazy. It is not as invasive as a full colonoscopy (which I have had) and the bowel prep is also a lot less unpleasant! Bowel cancer is apparently the second biggest cancer killer and most people who are diagnosed receive the bad news as a result of a visit to A and E, when it is often too late, rather than it being picked up early. So, if you are offered screening - do take it up.
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