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  1. bear with me. techno numpty.

    if fibre broadband isn't available...

    what advantage does Line OF Sight Broadband (which is presumably a bounced 4G signal from elsewhere) give me over my own antenna picking up a 4G and then cabling it myself into house wifi-router

    Have I missed a big economic consideration???
  2. Line of sight broadband is long range wifi back to a base-station, has nothing to do with 4G.
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  3. @Farma Parma will give you the low down on rural wireless broadband (line of sight beefed up WiFi)

    In general down/up speeds will be comparable or higher than telco delivered 4G and rural wireless will be generally uncapped usage or having very high usage limits so cheaper to run than 4G which is capped, typically now up to 200 GB / month per SIM on contract. See one of the many 4G threads on here
  4. Farma Parma

    Farma Parma Member

    Local IT business Alncom google them.
    They have done a few of these WiFi links now. Sending a 5Ghz signal line of sight from a Fibre BB link at a suitable place.
    Roughly charging max of £30/month unlimited data for 30mb speed link.
    Mine is a bit diff but done the same way & its meant to be 75/80mb anytime but currently 17mbps sitting in front room away from router. Daily ave of 45-50mb tho.
    Brilliant link in lots of ways.
    We now have 4G outside house on all networks & not before time
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    currently paying £20 for BT broadband when decent 4g signal closeby. no brainer with a deal like this surely?
  6. Bob c

    Bob c Member

    got wurzel broadband here

    1mb if i was on bt

    comes from here
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  7. Farma Parma

    Farma Parma Member

    That looks to me as its a Mobile Phone Contract of which they wont allow you Unlimited DATA Tethering which is what
    you have to do on the likes of an Iphone to connect back to a Single PC
    Trust me i have an unlimited DATA contract with 3 & its unlimited everything except a limit of 30GB if its Tethered.
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  8. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    We're on a rural wireless broadband and it goes back to a fibre connection in the big smoke. We get 20Meg without any problems. £25 a month inc vat.
    We ditched a 3g dongle to go to this and wouldn't go back if paid.

    Find a local group, or get folk revved up to start one?
    Do you have any friendly neighbours, with better connections, within line of sight?
  9. is that a line of sight input?
  10. upnortheast

    upnortheast Member

    Post number 112 on this page explains why claimed unlimited isn`t
  11. Farma Parma

    Farma Parma Member

    There is no such thing an an Unlimited DATA package on a Mobile Phone Data connection from any of the networks.
    there used to be as i had one. but not any more.
  12. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    Yes. I think.
  13. EE sell a 4G router with an external antenna. Plans up to 200gb of data are available with no tethering restrictions.

    How do you know how much data a family of four need?
  14. Ask your current ISP how much data you have used each month for the past 6 months. That should give you a fair indication.
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  15. upnortheast

    upnortheast Member

    That is because they are data sims, not phone sims with a data allowance.

    Here we have 2 houses, 2 offices connected. (5 kids )
    Looking at the router list there are 9 `puters, phones & the b*****y Xbox connected.
    Have a 200gb contract & need to put the cables into the bt landline router occasionally to spin it out to last the month
    Suggest getting a PAYG sim & use it for a month to see what you use.
    Our 200 gb contract is £60 / month as mentioned on another thread
  16. how?
  17. Speak to a human in customer services and ask them to tell you how much data you’ve been going through each month. They will all know exactly how much data you’ve been using, just a matter of speaking to the right bod.
  18. upnortheast

    upnortheast Member

    Maybe get a different answer if you have been on 0.5meg speed on a landline broadband compared with 60meg on 4G ?
  19. for home BT users you can find out online at myBT, however, like everything else from BT if you have a business line that information isn't available.. (bangs head against wall again>>)
  20. Yep the floodgates open once you can (reliably) stream HD video!
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