Can you get out of doing jury service?

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by vulcan, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. vulcan

    vulcan Member

    As above can you get out of doing? it or will I just have to get up earlier to milk the cows and do up then work later at night also be about same time as second cut be ready.
  2. I worry about Jury service it could ruin my business.

    My plan is to keep falling a sleep & get thrown out of court. I accept that might result in a fine.
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  3. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    No you have to present yourself at court.
    You may not be selected (but be placed on stand by) or dismissed if you are known to the judge, or one of the barristers

    To refuse would be to be held in contempt.
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  4. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    Btw, there was a fascinating case recently of a judge called to jury duty who tried to get out of it because he was the trial judge himself. Took him quite a few phone calls before he was discharged :)
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  5. You could do a stint in Syria or Iran as a 'freedom fighter' or just fall foul of the law?

    Alternatively turning up at court in your Waffen SS officer fancy dress costume should work.
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  6. ColinV6

    ColinV6 Member

    I got called once. Went to the initial selection meeting, wrote a letter stating that I was a farmer, self employed and that as such couldn’t really spare the time and he said that was good enough and I was allowed to go.

    I wasn’t particularly overly busy I just didn’t want to do it :whistle:
  7. ColinV6

    ColinV6 Member

    Oh and the best thing was, I got to claim 60 miles of fuel allowance, for a 3.0L car. :D
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  8. Somerset Farmer

    West Somerset
    I was called for jury service many years ago but did not have to attend as I am a self employed farmer with both cattle and sheep. I told them that there was welfare issues with the stock and was told I did not need to attend. You must contact the court asap and explain your situation.
  9. The Son

    The Son Member

    I also wrote a letter as was too busy at the time they wanted me, got out of the first stint but was told I would be called again fairly soon. Got called and was all ready to make a start and got a phone call to say I wouldn't be needed, and that is the last I have heard from them, shame really as I was quite looking forward to learning about the laws of the land and how they are enacted.
  10. Exfarmer

    Exfarmer Member

    Bury St Edmunds
    My wife has got off twice as she had 2 children to look after. Myself, I just can’r wait to hang them, but never had the chance:banghead:
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  11. homefarm

    homefarm Member

    I have been called twice last time just over a year ago, it was in the summer harvest time so aloud to defer for 6 months but not let off. You can claim for cost of paying someone else to do your job
    Did 4 days in November as a case due in court had changed their plea to guilty so a load of us got sent home. Chosen because I could go back to job and not claim for 2 weeks loss of income, those that could not stayed.
  12. renewablejohn

    renewablejohn Member

    Certain professions used to be exempt but I think now there so desperate they will take anybody.
  13. Tarw Coch

    Tarw Coch Member

    Personally I’d love to do jury service but as a relatively small scale farmer with livestock to look after/cows to milk as well as a father with dementia to look after it would be totally impractical.
    As said above, let the courts know your situation and you will most likely be excused but ultimately justice does need folk to do jury service .
  14. ColinV6

    ColinV6 Member

    When I got let off after my letter he said it’s likely they’ll be in touch again soon. That was about 9 years ago :D
  15. Moo cow

    Moo cow Member

    Got out of it on animal welfare grounds!
  16. Raider112

    Raider112 Member

    I very nearly did that, had a pint with my dinner, the heat, the repetitive stuff boring me to tears and I felt myself going. The shock woke me up nicely though.
  17. Hollykip

    Hollykip Member

    North yorks
    I did it I delayed to a more suitable time of year first call was lambing time I asked to be excused but my request was turned down
    Yes I struggled with jobs to do before and after
    But I did enjoy the experience
    Seeing first hand how the courts and QCs work
    3 cases I got in a fortnight
    And yes best pay ever due to no bus route, parking, lunch time allowance
    Etc etc
  18. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    I got my call up delayed from the summer to the winter .
  19. Nick.

    Nick. Member

    I’ve been called twice. The first time I went.
    Second time I wrote a letter saying I’m single handed on the farm bla blah and got off it.
  20. davedb

    davedb Member

    I’ve been called this time I replied saying I was busy calving cows and couldn’t spare the time due to welfare reasons so have been excused until the winter I’m quite looking forward to it actually

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