Cement stakes, how much are they worth each?

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Depends if they are sound ie. No metal sticking out/ concrete cancer, and banged about and transport would cost a bit because theym 'eavy, apart from that somebody might take them off your hands but I doubt anyone would want to pay more that a few quid as a job lot.

Would be good to get them used instead of dumped tho.
We use decent ones for 'marker ' posts within in certain fence lines, so that they will be there for a very long time marking a boundary etc.

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Low Carbon Agriculture event launches in the UK

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham

Low Carbon Agriculture, a new event showcasing opportunities in low carbon energy, technological advances and Environmental Land Management (ELM), is set to launch at the NAEC, Stoneleigh, next March. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Formerly Energy and Rural Business Show, the event has rebranded, relocated and reasserted its focus to ensure that practical solutions to tackling climate change through the generation of renewable energy, the implementation of low carbon initiatives and best practice in both environmental and carbon management, take centre stage, according to the organisers. Held in association with the National Farmers Union (NFU), Low Carbon...