check time on mobile phone whilst driving

Discussion in 'Crime Line' started by Ffarmwr bach, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Ffarmwr bach

    Ffarmwr bach New Member

    Has anyone been done for using a mobile phone as a watch to check the time?
  2. Lincs Lass

    Lincs Lass Member

    north lincs
    Anything that involves handling the phone whilst driving ,in the eyes of plod its using a mobile ,,folks have been done for touching the screens when in sat nav mode or changing music selection thats bluetooth connected
  3. That is how I understood it, any mobile device in your hand you are going to be busted.
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  4. puppet

    puppet Member

    sw scotland
    But a lighter and a cigarette and driving with both knees is ok.:scratchhead:
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  5. Lincs Lass

    Lincs Lass Member

    north lincs
    Before long ,that will be also be classed as a driving infringement ,you can be done for eating an apple ,,changing the radio settings if you have to take your eyes of the road ,maybe most modern vehicles have the controls on the steering wheel now but theres still plenty that dont
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  6. colhonk

    colhonk Member

    Yet MR Policeman can chase a car at gazillion miles an hour through town whilst twidling on his radio with his left hand and talking on his radio,hmmm.
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  7. Farma Parma

    Farma Parma Member

    AFAIK you can still operate a Radio Mic in any vehicle odd but that most cert used to the be the official law
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  8. bovrill

    bovrill Member

    East Essex
    I've just got myself one of those bluetooth 'Borg' earpieces, and reading this, it looks like I'm fine to raise my right hand to push a button on the ear to answer the call, but it's illegal to raise my left hand to push a button on the phone!
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  9. Matt77

    Matt77 Member

    Romney marsh
    Can’t see how you’d prove you just checking the time so be treated as checking social media/text :banhappy:
  10. T Hectares

    T Hectares Member

    A couple of years ago I was done for picking up my phone to check the sat nav while stationary at traffic lights, plod said if it had been in a cradle it would have been fine, having it in my hand was the issue.

    It’s hard not to be cynical that it’s not all a cash generating scam...
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  11. milkloss

    milkloss Member

    East Sussex
    A rozzer would have his radio attached to his shoulder and anything attached to something is fair game within reason I should think. I’ve known guys busted for drinking out of bottles (not grog) in the car and I’ve had a bollocking for drinking tea and lighting fags whilst driving on separate occasions. I reckon could have quite easily got a ticket for those....driving with undue or something I suspect.
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  12. bravheart

    bravheart Member

    scottish borders
    Thing is I find taking a swig of juice refreshing and helps to keep you fresh and focused on the job of driving.
    If this is the case then I'll have to rig up some device to hold the bottle in a pocket and a tube clipped to the shirt pocket, would be very distracting to use and makes me wonder what the ever increasingly technical cup holders are for.
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  13. Hesston4860s

    Hesston4860s Member

    Nr Lincoln
    There’s an exemption for Two Way radio, CB etc !.
  14. Farma Parma

    Farma Parma Member

    am the first admit holding a CB Mic isnt very distractive.
    I think as your not holding it to your ear for a start is where the diff mainly is.
    Ive covered many a thousand acres yakking on the CB & have a hit or killed anything..... NO
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  15. Paddington

    Paddington Member

    Soggy Shropshire
    Thought every car had a clock, or you can buy timepieces which strap on your wrist.
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  16. Gordy1

    Gordy1 Member

    Hahahahaha!!!! Yes I have seen one of them things you strap on your wrist I think it had a leather strap!!! & two hands going round & round mmmmmhhh don't think they will ever catch on!! :scratchhead:

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