Chronic pain - I'm wrecked.

Discussion in 'Manflu Corner' started by MissSteak, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. MissSteak

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    Come all thee who are living in a world with chronic pain. How do you cope??

    I have conditions called endometriosis and adenomyosis, as well as hip bursitis and hypermobility of my joints.

    The strong opiods and NSAIDs are losing their potency, the tens machine has variable results, sleep is either non existence or I am fatigued for days in end.

    What do you do to relieve pain? Or just have a moan about chronic conditions and ailments.

    Rant away. Let me know I'm not alone!
  2. Lili

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    Hi @MissSteak
    1. Ask your GP if there is a pain clinic at your local hospital or in your area Health Board.
    2. Ask your GP if they can refer you to a Pain Management Centre.
    3. Look up Expert Patient Programme in your area. (not sure about Scotland) Free course 2 hour sessions over 6 weeks learning to manage various conditions including chronic pain. You will also meet others who are suffering.
    Don't give up trying, you are not alone and there is help out there somewhere to manage your pain. Best wishes and good luck
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  3. DartmoorEwe

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    Yelverton, UK
    You are not alone. I have a slipped disk and went through a stage in 2012 when I had to take a year off work and could not sleep, in the end I had an operation and I've been on probation ever since but am now working and functioning albeit on pain killers every day. The thing that helped me was to keep a pain diary, I live in the present so if I'm having a bad day its as if all days are bad. Keeping a pain diary helped me keep things in perspective, or helped me to know that it really was as bad as it feels. It also helped the medics know just how bad it is and advise accordingly. Drugs help a bit. Alternative therapies are horses for courses. If you're getting depressed with it (I was) I found to literally count my blessings and write them down. I've heard good things about cognitive behavioural therapy but I have not done it myself.

    Its a tough thing to go through. I hope you get better soon.
  4. Chae1

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    Have you tried smoking cannabis? It's meant to help people suffering from ms.

    Must be a nightmare. We don't appreciate our good health till it's gone.
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  5. Can you do a Pilates class?
  6. Princess Pooper

    East Mids
    My sympathies. I'm not sure what has caused your hip bursitis, which I had at one point, but has now been re-defined as greater trochanteric pain syndrome and I found that with physiotherapy and things like lying with a cushion between my knees when sleeping on my side the pain disappeared. I do live with low level chronic pain due to an autoimmune disease and finger injuries, although I can have long periods of respite and it is completely energy sapping. If it got worse I would ask for a pain management course. I do engage with an online community through 'Health unlocked; where lots of chronic conditions are covered and we all feel we can have a rant and compare notes. I wish you well.
  7. Dry Rot

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    Back pain has to be the worst. I am OK now but years ago it was terrible. Finally had the op which did not entirely solve the problem. When I got through a week's supply of pain killers in one day, I went for the whiskey bottle which is not to be recommended. A hard mattress was a great help.

    Of course, many suspect you are a malingerer as you can do some things without a problem. If only they knew what you are going through. Total hell!
  8. Weasel

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    in the hills

    Ma sister has hypermobility. Not a nice thing

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