Claas Arion 530/610CIS

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Keep going, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Keep going

    Keep going New Member

    Hello All

    Does anyone own and/or operate an Arion 530 or 610 CIS tractor ? I’ve been offered what I think is a good deal on a new 50k 530 or 610 Arion, any feedback on experience with these models would be really appreciated.
  2. tinman

    tinman Member

    There may be dedicated fans of them here and bearing in mind I don't own one but I repair tractors here, A fairly fresh arion arrived in the locality of late, she's been here already because it "lost" the program that told it there was a loader on it, one day it was there the next it wasn't, the program that is.
    The only way to fix it was to get it reprogrammed again by the dealer who of course couldn't come out for ten days they were that busy....
    On the particular day, when there was grass a baling and he wanted to go stacking, that wasn't what he wanted to hear.
    There is more electrics on them than on a spaceship, some boards are in stupid places that I forsee a lot of gremlin issues into the future and costly ones at that.
    It's like a boat to drive its that soft, nearly too much tbh and I like comfort..
    Imo, unless your buying it from your dealer, who is right next door to you then I personally wouldn't touch one with a barge pole, they are trouble to me and a lot of it when it comes.
    But like I said, I neither own one or have one and I'm fairly sure this post will bring along the nay sayers but that's my take on one, buy yourself a good reliable branded tractor who's main dealer isn't too far from you when and if there is a problem.
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  3. alan6430

    alan6430 Member

    We have 2 Arion 620. Very pleased and punch above their weight. Our local deal is also very good.
  4. Against_the_grain

    Depends what you are doing with it.

    Had a 550 here. Powerful tractor for its size but you had to rag it hard to get it speed or power being a 4cyl.
    Now have a 630 and its a completely different experience. Very good ride, plenty of power (6cyl), fast(57kph!) better suited to us.
  5. trev7530

    trev7530 Member

    I had a claas ares, really liked it, running a John Deere now, but like customers 500 series and would consider one when it’s time to change.
  6. oakleaf

    oakleaf Member

    I have driven another mans 610 and l really liked it. Wouldnt be brave enough to buy one though.
  7. Keep going

    Keep going New Member

    Same HP but the 610 is a bit heavier than the 530...but the 610 has a bit more torque...just wondering which would suit me best. I’m doing mainly grassland work, slurry tanker, baler, mowing, hauling bales etc etc

    I’m drawn toward the 610 as it’s a 6 cylinder and I’d expect most of the extra weight is on the front axel which might help for some jobs.
  8. Against_the_grain

    610! I think you will regret the 530 imo.
  9. Donkey Oaty

    Donkey Oaty Member

    There's a tidy looking 530 at the Cambridge sale on Monday. It was unsold at the May sale. I thought it went to all it was worth but obviously the seller didn't!
  10. Does it have power boost out off interest
  11. topless_matt

    topless_matt Member

    No power boost on any CLAAS tractors with the exception on the Arion 660 and axion 870

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