DD spring barley seed rate?

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling General Discussion' started by farmer dave136, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. farmer dave136

    farmer dave136 New Member

    was wondering what people’s thoughts are on seed rates for spring barley I went at 400 seeds a meter last year and it looked well before the drought. Was thinking I might go as high as 440 this year the soils never as good to drill direct into in the spring. We’re on thin limestone soils
  2. JAB

    JAB Member

    I do 65 plants per square meter.
  3. neilo

    neilo Member

    If you think it ‘looked good before the drought’ at 400 seeds, why do you feel the need to go higher?:scratchhead: Surely more plants would have been hit by the dry every bit as much? If we’d had a ‘normal’ year, presumably you’d have been happy enough with that crop that had ‘looked good’?
  4. JAB

    JAB Member

    Upping the rate can help in a drought to prevent less unproductive tillers.
  5. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    I used to sow 350 seeds/m2 when ploughing but have increased to 375/m2 since going to strip tillage. The last 2 springs have been late & I did wonder if I should have increased the rate even further.

    DD doesn't mineralise any soil N and if you have to wait a week or two longer for better conditions increasing the seed rate is wise. The crop needs to be up and away quickly.

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