DDing in the Carlisle area.


North Cumbria
I’m interested in DD although haven’t had the chance to study/read up on it as much as I’d like. Is there anyone in the north cumbria or Carlisle area with a drill I could see working? Have some WB to go in and consider trialing some DD.
Robinsons at Castle Carrock have a drill along those lines.
There is someone else and his name escapes me but he is round that Brampton area.
Try Graham Prudham he will know if there is one about.
Taylors at Plumpton bought a direct drill for Turnips, they will know if it sows cereal or not.


I think Graham Prudham has a vaaderstad ( spelling ) which I think would drill into grass. Taylor’s and us have a Moore unidrill which will drill cereals no bother in fact we were drilling Wheat into grass for a couple of days last week for a regular customer but we tend not to get involved with cereals normally.
We are new to DD. We reseed up to 20 acres each year and the plan is to DD winter wheat or barley into grass which has been killed using Roundup. We may use a swardlifter to loosen it up.
Then we may plough if we need to get the field smooth, or DD the grass into the stubble the following year.
To do this we have purchased an old Moore Unidrill in arable format.
So for grass it will need two passes. We hope to save some money and improve soil structure, whilst reducing reliance on contractors. Time will tell if the ideas actually work. If thy don't we still have a drill which will work on cultivated ground or DD grass into poor swards.
We won't be working in field until next spring when we have a trial but you are welcome to see what we do then.

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Latest IRONCLAD trials providing excellent results!

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