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As you will see from my previous posts I have been using firearms for 30+ years, I control pest species on farms and properties around Shropshire and Mid Wales, mainly rabbits and foxes, pigeons and crows.
I have done my deer stalking certificate level 1 and im first aid trained and have BASC insurance. I have deer legal calibres and an open certificate.
Im looking for some ground that has problems with deer, I dont mind what species but I would like some decent numbers.
I believe in conservation so I dont want to go to an area and wipe the deer out, I want go to an area where the numbers are to high and need controlling.
I am willing to pay a reasonable fee depending on the quantity of deer on the ground.
I will consider all areas.
This is a hobby and in no way would I be looking to make profit from this and I would even be prepared to come to an agreement with the carcasses.
Please message me if you think you may have something of interest.
All of the UK considered

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