e-3120 bedplate crack

Discussion in 'Renewable Energy' started by MattR, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. MattR

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    I've been told that when our turbine was serviced they discovered a 45mm crack on the underside of the bedplate - apparently £3500 to plate and weld.

    Anyone else on here had this issue?
  2. Still Farming

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    Glamorgan Wales
    Weakness is there?
  3. MattR

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    "the original Endurance solution has been prone to crack due to a weakness around certain welds. A much more thorough plating/welding technique has been developed. We stop drill any cracks and then weld specially designed steel plates over the stress areas on top of the bedplate and also underneath the bedplate to strengthen. For the bottom/lower weld we have to cut out a section of fibreglass to gain access, and replace it with stainless steel fixings. This is all done while the bedplate is in-situ and is up to two days’ worth of welding in total"
  4. kill

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    South West
    Had mine done last year. Couple of guys turned up in a camper van and welded some gusets and bracers on the bedplate as it was a 2 day job for a 20 mm crack apparently.
    Are you a owner or a repairer ??? Your post seam varying on which side of the fence you maybe on???
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  5. e3120

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    Aye, ours patched up a few weeks ago, by same crew judging by description/price. Don't know how long it'll last, but it only represents a month's output (and they know it) so gotta be done.
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  6. MattR

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    Owner. The bit in quotation marks was what the maintenance firm told me
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  7. SJA

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    We have three endurance turbines and i have repaired top cracks bottom cracks, we just ground right through the box made the gap 20mm dropped in a flat bar and used it as a backing plate and fully welded and touch wood we have never had a problem since. I go up them every month and check around them. Endurance had a crew that went around and ground out the crack and rewelded offer the top. Then surprise surprise it cracked again. I'm lucky enough to have my NDT tickets so we test also the frames every 6 month. I'm sure one day we will have to revamp the bed plate but if i can keep it running for another 5 years then our's will have been up for 10 years touch wood without to much problems. Like most we have no insurance so it's within our interest to keep them running.
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