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For 18 months or so we've insured our turbine with CNC Asset Management - the basic "Operational All Risks" policy, but when I asked for a quote they also quoted for an extended warranty cover - see attached photo. At the time I didn't take it out, but having heard some stories of repair bills people have had recently, I'm wondering whether it would be a good investment. Has anyone on here got this cover and more to the point, ever made a claim? What are people's thoughts? Cheers.



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I expect very little is actually covered and if any claims are to be made I would expect there would be virtually no chance of a renewal next time around. I may be wrong tho but would strongly advise reading all clause's very thoroughly


Yes read the small print. The CNC policy has evolved over time.

We have run a couple of claims succesfully with CNC, for example generator failure.

However, last I checked CNC had closed their book on the warranty package.

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Sorry to high jack but could anyone please suggest an insurer for an Endurance X29 wind turbine ? A friend has one and he has had no claims in the last 4/5? Years but his current insurer won’t be renewing the policy. The turbine has a service and maintenance agreement in place.

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