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Discussion in 'Computers & IT' started by wellingtonfarmer, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. wellingtonfarmer

    We are forever double booking meetings as either myself or dad forget either one of us has booked someone else the same day!
    Does anyone use an electronic diary that syncs with phone? That can be left in office? I'm always booking things on mobile phone so I would like to then type it in my iPhone so then syncs to the office so we know that day is booked!
    Hope that makes sense
  2. Adam@Rumen

    Adam@Rumen Member

    Microsoft Outlook?

    You could have a shared calendar with your dad so both can see where each other is via your phone or computer
  3. wellingtonfarmer

    He isn't very good on a phone! In my head I want a diary that sits in office that I can sync with my phone. So when I arrange something it highlights it if you look at month ahead quickly?
  4. Notquiteretired

    West Lothian
    Outlook will run on the PC and the phone. Likewise Google Calendar will run on all platforms too.
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  5. Apple, Microsoft, Google and about thirty dozen (ok maybe I’m exaggerating slightly) other companies make calendaring programs that do what you want out of the box or come bundled with their box. Nothing special about it.
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  6. wellingtonfarmer

    I don't want it on a computer though? All I want is something that is just a calendar.

    A bit like people that moan that all they want is a phone that rings and texts!
  7. bovine

    bovine Member

    We use Teamup for booking work. Free app for android/apple. Can use in a browser (easier than the app).

    I know when i am on call in 2026 if I want to look (can run an event forwards at any interval)

    Very handy
  8. Look whatever I’m just trying to help you out.

    You said you wanted an electronic diary, well they all need a “computer” whether thats a box on a desk or a phone in your pocket makes no odds. Synchronising between devices over the air is a given these days doesn’t matter what box you have in front of you.

    If all you want is to just synchronise meeting invites between yourselves that’s dead easy and can be done for free with any calendar program.

    Or you can buy a more sophisticated work management software as suggested above go for it.
  9. Boysground

    Boysground Member

    I also use outlook it syncs seamlessly between office and my phone. I would like it to bleep or do something more on the phone for reminders though.

  10. wellingtonfarmer

    Hope you didn't take my previous message in a negative way? Wasn't meant to be. I appreciate the help.
    Things don't come over how they are meant to when typing!
  11. If you’re carrying an iPhone already, is your calendar on your phone synchronised to the office (computer)? That’s the first step. Once the “office” and your phone are synchronised then you are halfway there.

    So what is in the office PC wise? What software is it running and who is actively looking at it? Either on your account or their own.

    This is a fairly simple nut to crack if it’s just synchronising calendars and sharing or inviting people to view your calendar for meeting invites.
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  12. Adam@Rumen

    Adam@Rumen Member

    Are you sort of wanting a tablet then?

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