Ewe nutrition pre tupping to early pregnancy

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Objectives for optimum ewe nutrition and management
• Optimum body condition score (BCS) – 3.5 for lowland (2.5 hill)
• Achieving body weight targets at mating
• Maximising fertility – ovulation rate, conception and low barren rate Early pregnancy nutrition
• Maintaining pregnancy – reducing embryonic loss

Target body condition score
• Assess and group AT WEANING and split
• Target – 3.5 BCS for lowland ewes and 2.5 for hill ewes pre tupping
• Allow 10 -12 weeks from mating
• To gain a condition score (=10% bodyweight) i.e. 70kg ewe – 7kg gain over 100 days.
• Energy requirements – 15.4 MJ/day = 1.54kgDM per ewe per day
• Available nutrition
• Action plan

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