Failed to install Windows 10


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Windows 10 installation failed,i was going to install Windows 10 on another computer,that was the first time I did that,but unfortunately,i failed. After the installation disk was inserted into the computer,the computer failed to detect it,it was a DIY installation disk.
My colleague suggested to try the method (Windows 10 installation media ) provided by Microsoft next,before that,i would like to know what good suggestions the majority of netizens have.

Chris F

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We had this problem recently. It was because the hard drive was not big enough to hold the old version of windows and the new version at the same time during the upgrade. What size hard disc do you have @Titanic2.0


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I have a feeling ours was about the same. We put in a 512GB SSD and then did the upgrade. Well I say we, the local computer store did it.
If your hypothesis is true, I can try it right away.
I need to buy a new SSD because I only have USB (I was going to use it as a Windows 10 installation disk) at home,i bought 5 on Black Friday.


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All the faults originated from the DIY installation disk,i started it on my brother’s computer and it did not work,so it was confirmed that it was a scrapped disk,then i recreated one and successfully installed Windows 10 with it.
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