Farmers Two Day Forecast : Unsettled Turning Colder Later.

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    Sunday 2-12-18
    Any rain will move away Sunday and should clear by the early afternoon. A more persistent area of rain will affect Scotland for much of the day and will fall as snow over higher ground. This should also clear by the mid afternoon. after a Drier spell more wind and rain will move into western areas by the early evening. Strong to near gale force winds for the southern half of the British Isles. Temperatures up to 14C for England and Wales.

    Monday 3-12-18
    A cloudy start to the day on Monday for the north of England and western parts of Wales though this should break and clear to leave a largely bright and dry day. winds will ease through the day for most areas but will remain strong in the eastern part of the Channel. Temperature highs 13C/55F in the south.

    Outlook for the rest of the week : unsettled at times becoming colder with snow in the north less cold in the south.
    whatever your weather enjoy it!

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