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Farming is Changing Leaflet

A new leaflet has been published, covering all of Defra’s agricultural policy decisions to date.

The Farming is Changing leaflet is designed to increase awareness and understanding of the changes that will follow after Brexit. These changes include: phasing out Direct Payments, delinking them from the requirement to farm the land, and Defra’s new Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme.

“There’s no new policy information in this leaflet but it’s the first time Defra has published everything in one place,” said Vicky Price of Berrys.

“Where a policy decision hasn’t been made yet, this is acknowledged and there is a promise to provide information as details are finalised.”

Click here to see the new leaflet:

or contact Vicky Price at the Herefoerd office of Berrys on 01432 809834 or email

You can read this update from Berrys on TFF's AGVendor...

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