Feed barriers

Discussion in 'TFF 'Quote Me' Forum' started by valtraman, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. valtraman

    valtraman Member

    looking for quote for 6x 15ft feed barriers. Diagonal barriers suitable for adult cows
  2. Forever Fendt

    Forever Fendt Member

    What about self lock yokes would they be any good for you
  3. valtraman

    valtraman Member

    Too expensive I would think
  4. grainboy

    grainboy Member

    Have an amount of adjustable barriers available,
  5. valtraman

    valtraman Member

    Pm me price for 15fts
  6. If you get stuck we can make you what you need?
    pm me if this of interest?
  7. some we did earlier at University of Nottingham feed fence UoN.JPG
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