Feral pigeons in barns

Discussion in 'Livestock & Forage' started by bluebell, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. bluebell

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    over the years we have had pigeons in barns, about 20 years ago we had a population breeding and had a cleanout with a couple of air rifles to get rid of them, now we have another colony developing, anyone out their wanting a job, skilled at it without making holes in the roof? im down in south essex for my sins, please get in touch
  2. I remember talking to someone who used to net them once a year and sell them to a curry house for 20p each.

    Someone else wanted them for dog training.

    Alternatively, build a livetrap and sell them at your local Fur & Feather sale. You could even ring them first :whistle:
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  3. Wish you were closer to me I'd of been interested good luck with finding someone
  4. Landy george

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    I've sent you a message
  5. frintonboy

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    Hello Bluebell, Still having pigeon problems, if so I might be able to help, either now or in the future, my details...retired so can call anytime, SGC plus sub 12lb air rifle, already shoot at my permission in Rettendon, Fully insured. Kind regards, John.

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