First light leaf spot symptoms identified in oilseed rape crops



Written by Charlotte Cunningham

[Image: ADAS]The first positive light leaf spot symptoms of the 2019/2020 season have been identified by Bayer’s SpotCheck initiative. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Light leaf spot was first identified by SpotCheck on 25 Oct 2019 in Derbyshire and Angus, with samples later positively identified in the Scottish Highlands, Oxfordshire, Yorkshire and Norfolk. The results suggest that this season there may be a lot of latent infection in the crop, which is expected to further develop if temperatures do not fall in the coming months, says Bayer. According to Philip Walker, arable plant pathologist at ADAS, the SpotCheck results to date don’t come as a surprise, who cites above average rainfall in September and October being a key driver in light leaf spot infections. “Moisture and particularly leaf wetness is very important to light leaf spot infection occurring. For infection to occur there needs to be a minimum of 6 hours of leaf wetness, and as those hours of leaf wetness increase, so too does the likelihood of infection. “Last season initial infections were almost a month later (end of November 2018). Finding samples of light leaf spot so much earlier this season suggests there is a lot of latent infection in…
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