Free Pest control


FREE Air gun pest control.

Grantham,Boston(Lincolnshire) and surrounding areas. We have been shooting for 10 years now and enjoy the hobby very much.

We use a Weirauch HW100 air rifle which is very quiet and won't scare your livestock

We also have night vision to be more effective with nocturnal vermin.

We looking for permission to shoot rats, pigeon,rabbits , and Grey squirrel if needed.

We will visit your property regularly to keep on top of any vermin problems.

We would just like the opportunity to show that We will be no bother and a benefit to your land aswell as enjoying ourselves doing what we love.
We can also be your “eyes and ears” when we on your land - we can keep a watch for any fly tipping of rubbish, people trespassing on your land, a damaged fence, blocked ditch or a broken gate, and inform you directly of any occurrences.
We have a serious outlook and respect when using airguns and we believe the following points illustrate this well -

We NEVER take chances when shooting – safety of others and ourselves is always of the utmost importance to us, which is why we will undertake to arrange with you in advance when and where we can shoot.

We ALWAYS respect the wishes of the landowner and obey any rules or restrictions he/she may lay down.

We are a current full member of the BASC Society, we always carry proof of shooting insurance with us whenever we go out on a shoot. We can produce it to you if required.
and it's all FREE, so you have nothing to loose, except your vermin problem .

Please do not hesitate to contact us on our mobile telephone: 077 1702 9191 or via email AURE21@GMAIL.COM

Many thanks.

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Written by Billy Wickham

Farmers in Shropshire have planted nearly 4,000 native trees after Severn Trent gave out tree-packs at two local events, to test engagement and appetite for tree planting on marginal land.

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