Fuel Supplier Update


We have had a couple of new fuel suppliers come online over the last few days. Some farmers will now have 4 quotes to choose from, but some will still have 1 or none. We continue to work on this, Scotland and Northern Ireland are the difficult places.

But please do log in again and check prices in your area. Some prices start at 10am and expire at 5pm, so if you log on outside those times you won't see them. We are working on the alert system to tell you when new suppliers come online in your area.

Chris F

Staff Member
Another quick update - we now have the best coverage in the following areas:

County: Bedfordshire, England, GB
County: Berkshire, England, GB
County: Buckinghamshire, England, GB
County: Cambridgeshire, England, GB
County: Gloucestershire, England, GB
County: Hertfordshire, England, GB
County: Kent, England, GB
County: Northamptonshire, England, GB
County: Rutland, England, GB
County: Staffordshire, England, GB
County: Suffolk, England, GB
County: Warwickshire, England, GB
County: Worcestershire, England, GB

If you have friends in the those counties then please do invite them to join. The register on the website here as we are not recruiting other farmers: https://www.farmdeals.ag

If you could all invite 5 to 10 more farmers that would much be appreciated. It will also help you if they are local, as if you all buy fuel on the same day it can help drive a better price for all of you.

Could a ‘Meat Tax’ be on the cards in the UK?

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Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland

The latest machination coming from the so-called ‘opinion formers’, who seem to have the ear of government advisors in London, is the introduction of a ‘Meat Tax’ at consumer level.

This approach, it is argued, would have the combined impact of reducing meat consumption levels (I can really see the health benefits coming through now), while also helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint of production agriculture.

What absolute drivel! In my opinion, none of this makes sense at any level. This is a scurrilous and unfounded attack on livestock farming in this part of the world.

Yet, it has to be taken seriously. I make this point because economists at Rothamsted Research have already crunched the numbers where the introduction of a ‘UK...