Grays multi-harrow handles Amazone combination drill (Volume 5 - 1996 Winter Edition)


Combination drilling is still largely done with a power harrow and air drill. This combination replaced a Kuhn-Vicon air drill single pass combination, because Joe Lancake,who built it in 1996, wanted something less heavy on the tractor linkage which handled stones better.

His machine is pulled by a drawbar on the tractor 3-pt, and has a set of bogie wheels at the back of the Grays cultivator and the Amazone drill mounted on a rigid frame on the back of the cultivator. When the machine is lifted out of work the cultivator back end and the drill are all raised on the bogie.

Joe did a considerable amount of work to the cultivator, removing the Dutch harrow centre section and replacing it with a third row of spring tines. At the front he added a levelling bar, made from 3in angle and mounted on springs, and there's another levelling bar behind the tines and in front of the home made crumbler. The changes have improved the performance of the Multi-Harrow, which never quite achieved the tilth needed for a single pass. The action of the levellers, tines and crumbler means that this is achieved more often than not on the Cumbria farm.

The drill detaches with three pins if the cultivator is needed on its own.

Removing the whole machine from the tractor 3-pt reduces the size of the tractor in front, and he has used it with an MF399 though normally it gets towed by something bigger. With the weight distributed between the bogie wheels and the tractor lower links, compaction on headlands is reduced.

cultiv-drill1 (Small).jpg

cultiv-drill2 (Small).jpg

This tine drill doesn't need a large tractor, as the weight is carried on the back bogie

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Penrith cumbria
Heck i still use that machine where i work but dont use it with the drill but as a spring tine cultivator we use a flexicoil cultivator with a 3 point hydroulic hitch for the drilland its mounted on the tractor hydrouilics
I don't know exactly where Joe has a farm , he used to manage one then went to sell minerals etc last I heard but where he used to be was in a much more stone free area.
You never see tined machines working in Cumbria as a rule, used to be when there were loads of men on farms the boss would drag harrow a field, the lads would pick the stones then he would harrow it again and hey presto, back to square one.


Penrith cumbria
Yeh its wen he worked at penrith thats were i am working just looking and sore the machine we still use a flexi coil spring tine it fetches some stones up but when we used a contractor to catch up he went throo loads off shear pins on power harrow drive jaming between tines the spring tine just moves around them it is very free hlowing ground you could nrly drill straght after plough so spring tine only in a couple off inch to level ground rather than loosen it


Interesting a spring tine cultivator would handle stones better than a power harrow. In my experience tines just rip up stones.
I use them on stoney land, i llike that fact they pull up the stones i like removing the stones as they get less as the years wear on, if you keep burying them rolloing em in they there for ever.

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