Grease to stop bird damage on the silage bale stack?

Obi Wan

Hi ya'll - we're going to have some bales stacked and probably carried over to late 2020. I'm looking to for advice on using grease to help prevent bird damage on vertically fusion 4x4's? Also farm cats want to hunt from them which is a pain.

I've had varying advice but the two main approaches are either;

A. Smear the upper edge with grease to prevent them landing as it dirties their plumage.

B. Put 1 or 2 spots on with a grease gun for the similar result as above

C. Leave slug shape deposits with the grease gun In a hope the bird thinks it a slug - has a peck - doesn't like the result and clears off

Option A seems the most plausible but will also require the most grease - C seems a leap of faith but I'm just wondering how everyone else thats given this a try have fared?

Cheers in advance.

Obi Wan

^^cheers both for the reply's - I'm actually going to go with smearing grease on the upper edge as It seems sort of logical to me. I'll keep an eye out for a net at any roups/mc sales.

I really asked as I'm curious if the spot of grease that looks like a slug works? It's small gulls are the main protagonist whilst they're in the field then farm cats hunting song birds once stacked.


Mixed Farmer
Forget nets they are a waste of time, buy some silage bale sheets from Gale Breaker. They are a few hundred quid each but have a ten year guarantee and are incredibly well made. Very slippy and easy to drag around I can easily sheet up stacks on my own.

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