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Teagle is a British manufacturer of farm machinery based in Cornwall that distributes quality Agricultural Machinery, which has been designed to be simple, robust and easy to use.

We design and build innovative products for our customers around the globe. Product development begins by listening to our customers, maintaining the trend started over 75 years ago by Mr William ‘Tom’ Teagle who founded the family business.

Whilst the company has not moved its location since it started, Teagle Machinery presents a modern factory complex to its customers at home and abroad. Two new manufacturing halls demonstrate commitment with long term horizons. The latest technology in manufacturing, with a proliferation of CNC machines, robotic welding stations and modern powder-coat painting systems keeps this British Built machinery at the forefront of the industry.

The Tomahawk range forms the cornerstone of a comprehensive range of machinery that we offer to Livestock and Arable farmers and Horticultural growers worldwide. To complement our own products, Teagle distribute the market leading Berti range of flail mowers and mulchers as well as an established portfolio of Multidisc cultivators and Centerliner broadcasters from Tulip.

Award Winning Manufacturer of Agricultural Machinery



Teagle Website - https://www.teagle.co.uk

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Belinda @ Teagle

Super-ted 221 - Wet weather insurance for when the weather turns!
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Outstanding reliability
The Super-ted range is engineered specifically for heavy crops with our attention to detail delivering unparalleled performance in the field in both grass and straw applications.

Tidier Swaths
The swaths produced by the Super-ted are box shaped with clean edges and can be adjusted in width and offset using the rear doors. This enables greater throughputs in the following harvesting or baling operation.

Reduced Costs in One Pass
Save fuel, labour and reduce ground compaction.
The Super-ted is a high-speed one-pass operation as there is no need to spread and row up again.

Got a question?
If you have a question about any of our products, please message us or email us here

Belinda @ Teagle


Belinda @ Teagle


A Growing Marketplace:
During 2019, development of the Titan range focused on larger models, from 15 to 20m3, to complement the existing 6 to 14m3 machines. To meet the high expectations of professional operators, who typically operate higher horsepower tractors on larger farming enterprises, or as contractors. The mantra for the Teagle R&D department on this project has been “Spreading Performance, Durability and Reduced Service Intervals”. In their product development, Teagle’s designers make use of experience gained from a customer base that now expands across the frontiers of six continents with customers in countries as diverse as Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Canada and Kenya.

NEW Boron Steel Beaters:

To ensure that operators of Titan spreaders gain the greatest benefit from the nutrients in their manure, the focus of the designers is on optimising the discharge beaters to ensure that muck is effectively shredded and evenly spread behind the machine, continually.

From 1st January 2020, in addition to the refinements listed above, all large capacity Titan (10 / 12 / 15 / 17) models incorporate Heat Treated Boron steel Auger Flight and Tips as standard specification. Boron steel is pre-heated to over 1000oC providing wear resistance 6.5 times greater than mild steel and significantly longer than other hardened steels tested for agricultural use. The flexural strength of Boron (twice that of mild steel) offers much improved tolerance to damage by foreign objects in the muck pile. The New Titan Boron Steel Beater assembly also incorporates heavy-duty, oversized top bearings.

For the ultimate driveline protection, swinging flails at the base of the beater assembly fold back under excessive loading. This combination, unique to Titan muckspreaders, offers strength, reliability and extended service life for its users.

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Grassland Exhibitor
Tomahawk C12 Calibrator

A High Capacity Mill for processing dry materials such as straw and miscanthus to a consistently short length for Bedding, Feeding and Biofuel Applications. Calibrate material length from 20-100mm.
Straightforward setting of material calibration ensures you get up and running in minutes. Manage bale processing remotely from the loader vehicle via wireless Bluetooth® control, with no tractor operator required. Designed for Contractors and Large Scale Operators. Process up to 25 quadrant bales per hour (subject to straw quality) to a consistently short length.



Download brochure here.

Download Price list.

1st January 2020 - Teagle Machinery
Finance Schemes Finance is only available from designated Finance Providers on the outstanding balance, or 60% of RRP, whichever is the least. Accessories may be included in the financed amount.

Belinda @ Teagle

Key benefits of feeding a ration consisting of pre-processed straw:

  • The diet is more open and palatable
  • Less or no sorting occurs, resulting in a complete diet being fed
  • No over-processing, reduced mixing time
  • The added straw helps to stabilise the pH levels in the stomach
  • Better energy balance is achieved after calving, meaning improved health during the transition period
  • Adding straw to the diet can aid rumination and avoid acidosis
  • Helps to maintain butterfats during spring/summer grazing
  • If you feed silage, adding straw helps to reduce the potassium levels, which can be beneficial during calving
  • The additional fibre helps to retain the food in the stomach for longer
“When out to grass, traditionally butterfats crash but by adding chopped straw to the ration we have seen butterfats at over 4% in the summer and in the winter up to 4.3%. Also, the proteins have stayed stable at 3.3% in the summer and 3.6% in the winter.”

Watch the video to find out more

Belinda @ Teagle

Tomahawk Bale Processor - How it's made

Teagle manufacture the widest range of Bale Processors available on the market. With applications ranging from pre-processing straw for feed to delivering clamp silage to a barrier, we have designed a model to suit your individual needs.

With over 30 years experience Teagle has established a reputation for performance and reliability, offering feeding and bedding solutions for all applications.

Watch this great video on how we make our Tomahawk bale processors

Belinda @ Teagle

Watch the Tomahawk 8555 in action

Process straw, hay and clamp or baled silage with the Tomahawk 8555 Bale Processor. 3 operating modes - chop short, shred and spread long. Chopping down to an average of 50mm with clean-cut ends means you can achieve the ideal material length for feeding to create an effective rumen stimulation and increased milk yield.

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Man fined £300 for bonfire-related waste offences

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Written by William Kellett from Agriland

A man has pleaded guilty at Newtownards Magistrates’ Court to waste offences relating to a bonfire next to the electrical sub-station on the Circular Road in Newtownards, Co. Down.

Gareth Gill (51) of Abbot’s Walk, Newtownards pleaded guilty to two charges under the Waste and Contaminated Land (Northern Ireland) Order 1997, for which he was fined £150 each and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy

On June 25, 2018, PSNI officers went to Gill’s yard, where they found a large amount of waste consisting of scrap wood, pallets, carpet and underlay.

Discussion with Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) officers confirmed the site...