Help! Confused - Mid Tier application options locations on application form

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Finally getting to the end of a lengthy Mid Tier application (NOT the OFFERS). We have several options that can be (but don't have to be) rotational, e.g. AB1 nectar flower mix, AB9 winter bird feed. We know which fields they will be located for year 1 and have identified some others where they could go if we want to move them to re-establish due to weed problems or similar. So in Annex 1 (Land parcel summary) we have said 'yes' to 'will rotational options be included in this parcel' and 'yes' for the parcel for WPFW package (where that option is part of this).That seems fine. Then in Annex 2, (Options) we have to list each parcel and then which options will apply to this parcel.

So we might be applying for 1 ha of AB1 and have decided on 4 plots in 2 fields where it could be located, so 0.5 ha x 2 in field A and then 2 x 0.5 ha in field B for a future year when we want to move and re-establish it. But if we 'attach' 1 ha to field A on the form as well as 1 ha to field B then it looks like we want 2 ha and we don't we only want 1 ha. :scratchhead:

Do we just attach the 1 ha to the parcel (field A) where it will be going for year 1? Then each year we declare where it is, as long as it is one of the fields that we identified in the Annex 1 as a field for rotational / WPFW? I can't find anything in the guidance notes that explains this.

Feeling a bit thick here. Any help appreciated before I phone RPA tomorrow.


My understanding is you just put the 1 Ha in field A this year in appendix 2. Then in subsequent years claim form say where it ends up.
To be honest I ended up paying someone to do that part of the application process For us as I didn’t want to spend days worrying about how to do it when he knew exactly what to do.
East Mids
Thanks, that is what RPA said too. The guidelines for filling in do not mention this at all. It states clearly for the overwintered stubble option that you will be asked every year where it is located (which have to do for HLS at present) but doesn't mention this for some of the other options! We have flagged up all the fields where rotational options might be over the 5 years.

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