Horsch Focus TD - Views?

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Machinery' started by tjhooker, Dec 18, 2018.

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    As per the title - what are people’s views on the Horsch Focus TD? It looks a very tidy solution to the strip tillage problem / opportunity? How have sales been and what are people’s experiences? Thank you, TJ
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    Other strip till drills are available;

    Claydon Hybrid - I have one. Lots of other happy users in here. Crude but effective.
    Sumo DTS - tried but trash flow was poor though the design has been improved to cure this
    Mzuri Pro Till - Excellent with great backup but power hungry and complex. Best for heavier land and horsepower addicts
    McConnell Seederator - No experience. Looks good but I worry about poor manufacturer backup (Alamo Group)
    Vaderstad Spirit Strip Till - Tried and eliminated from my search early on due to trash blockages. The tines are too closely spaced. Vaderstad would rather sell you a Topdown, Carrier & Rapid instead. It would need the straw baling and discing first IMO. A neighbour has one and the crops look very good but he does bale all cereal straw then disc the top 2" first and leaves it for a few weeks to weather & get a stale seedbed.

    Focus TD - as per my post on the Carrier thread, no experience of one of these I'm afraid.
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    Horsch priced to sell ... Lol

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