How do you post gifs?


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As the title really. Example - I wanted to post a .gif of Greta Thunberg saying "how dare you", found the link via a Google search but when Copying Image, is pasted into my post as a .png

Is there an easier way than saving the .gif to my computer then uploading it?


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No, it just seems to be me. PICNIC - Problem In Chair, Not In Computer

I'll try saving the gifs then uploading them that way. Copy & paste just doesn't do it.
Drag & drop on a computer is easiest.

Look for a gif that floats your boat - say mouse eating cheese. Google image search but remember to include term "gif". Find one that works for you.
Then simply hold down left bit of your computer mouse and "drag" gif to your reply box here then "drop" it in

Mouse Cheese GIFs | Tenor

On an iPad, I hold my finger on the gif until it says "copy" then simply "paste" that in to the relevant reply box here where it uploads over a few seconds. Then install as "full image".
Shouldn't need to save it unless it's for future reference

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