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Hi all,
I'm looking to chop Straw after a Combine with a Percision Chop Silage Harvester.
I'm looking for the best option.

Reliable good at chopping dry Straw.
Parts Availability, good price.
Tractor Size 120-150 Hp.

Why: There is a grant available to chop straw to improve Soils.



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Thanks for the reply.
It's an old Combine, it wouldn't be worth the hassle.
A neighbour has one and it draws a lot of power from his combine and uses a lot of fuel so he says.
I'm only doing 70 acres as a trial to see if it improves the Soil.


Cut the straw as high as possible assuming you are dding, lots of wet straw will cause acidic conditions that new seed s wont like, you may have di6in spreading the chopped straw across the width of the combine with a forager, cant you hire a proper chopper ?
I done some one year that I just couldn't get dry enough to bale, the power required to chop it was unbelievable, it didn't spread to bad just blowing it to the side, be careful of bearings getting hot a fire on a straw crop isn't fun, but if the straw isn't fit to bale will chop it out the combine, bit more fuel but perfect spread.


I dont know all that much about combining but if you run the header high to just take the grain will make it easier work, faster and save on fuel then mulch all the rest with a flail topper


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If you cut the Wheat higher you would have to Flail all the crop. If it cut lower you only have the Chop straw in the rows. I,m not say that option would work either as I have never tried it myself.

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