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    Gobbledegook Class 1 ! However if they really have overpaid you look out, we were overpaid a few years back by £48k (yes, 48 thousand ! ) in about October, they found out about February, and they wanted it back in a lump sum ! which we were not very happy about. In the end I negotiated a monthly payment which gave us the use of their money interest free for as long as possible !
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    Why weren’t you happy? Surely you noticed £48k? It wasn’t yours, you should have coughed up straight away imo.
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    Because you never know how much you are actually entitled to?
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    You know how many hectares you claimed on and you know by September what rate they are paying out per hectare.
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  5. Back to OP.....Anyone else care to try and decipher this letter, because as the recipient I don’t understand what the hell it means???
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    Did you write a letter to RPA dated December 20 2018? If not then the letter is possibly incorrectly addressed to you. If you did then presumably that letter set out some request regarding a difference in payment received and expected in 2017. Without better understanding of these various issues commenting on this letter is difficult.

    At face value the RPA letter seems to refer to an overpayment that will be recovered. And that overpayment is subject of your letter dated December 20 2018.

    I am just surprised that a letter dated 20 December received such a prompt in reply!

    From your post I take it you are not best pleased with RPA? But why - underpaid / overpaid with recovery. Not wishing to get involved / pick fight but a tad curious.
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    In short they have paid you too much money and they want it back “at the earliest convenience” tell them it’s not convenient! Oh hang on if you pay them back they might pay my bps 18! So yes pay them back!
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    Really? I don't think that applies here in Wales yet. We've only just left the historic, and I never understood their calculations then either.

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