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Irrigation license rented out

Discussion in 'Cropping' started by mountfarm, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. mountfarm

    mountfarm Member

    We’ve got a license that won’t be used summer 2019 on an outlying block of land due to rotation. A farmer who will be growing some roots close to the land has asked if he can use it. Do people just recharge the license cost which won’t generate a profit or is their a specific way of charging? We’d submit the meter readings etc off his equipment but he’d be doing all the work. We don’t know him very well so it’s not as if he’s a near neighbour to keep good relations with either.
  2. £0.25 per cube is the going rate around here for that situation.
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  3. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    NFU might be able to give some useful guides on rates, if you're a member. They've been putting people together for irrigation for years.
  4. Sonoftheheir

    Sonoftheheir Member

    West Suffolk
    He pays for the water etc plus a one off “good will payment”?

    That’s how I did it this year on some land I rented for spuds. I Wouldn’t of had a good crop without his licence after all.
  5. Exfarmer

    Exfarmer Member

    Bury St Edmunds
    Can be a very lucrative source of income
  6. essex man

    essex man Member

    If just renting license amount out i.e. not water from your reservoir or boreholes then i would charge £80 per acre they want to plant
  7. warksfarmer

    warksfarmer Member

    The price appears to vary massively across the country but at the end of the day having the ability to irrigate can double yields so it’s worth massive amounts to the grower.
  8. Andrew K

    Andrew K Member

    Adds value to your land as well.

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