is there an oil suitable for MF 6150 engine and MF35 3cyl engine??

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  1. a neighbour has a MF 35 3cyl and has done 340 hours since engine overhaul and no oil change, he also has a MF6150 which could do with a service and he has asked me to do it and I would like to know if there is an oil suitable for both engines
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    15w40 is fine for them both. Plenty will say not for the 35. Needs either a monograde 30 or super universal 10w30. My 135 and P3 powered Ford Fergie are both on 15w40 and are fine with no leaks or oil consumption.
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    As @agrimax says realy.
    Seeing as the 35 has been overhauled, it'll be fine on a multi grade suitable for the 6150,
    A good quality E7 15w/40, and a SUTO 10w/30 or super universal 15w/30 in the transmission. Also suitable for the trans' on the 35.
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    My 35 was on 15w-40 under previous ownership but I changed it to 20w-50 in both engine and back end and it seems happier - but then again I don't use it in the cold winter time which is a consideration. And plus your question is for one that does both I believe so the answers above are better.
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  6. thanks for replies... 15w/40 will be used but what is capacity of sump for 35 3 cyl??
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    6 litres mine takes, a little more with filter change and fill, perhaps as much as 7 in total.
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    20:50 in all the T20"s and my MF35 3cyl, never had a problem, all the engines have been completely rebuilt, pressure doesn't drop as much when hot using this as opposed to it dropping a fair bit with other oils.
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    Quite a few on the Fordson forum use 20w-50 in the old diesel majors without problems.
  10. today I serviced the 35, I told our neighbour 15w/40 is suitable but he arrived with a 25 litre drum of 10w/30 universal tractor oil ... I needed to tighten the filter bolt a second time before it sealed
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    The 10W/30 Super Universal is fine for engines and transmissions on both tractors. One oil for everything apart from probably the front axle of the 6150 if it's a 4wd. Even then, if the axle is leak free, it would be perfectly good oil for it, including the hubs, even if MF originally specified 80W90 or similar. Its good enough for the back diff and brakes and reduction hubs, so its good for the front as well.

    Make sure you grease the front axle pivots, front and back on the 6150 and remove the plastic plugs at the outer end of the rear axle housings, right underneath, and screw in some grease nipples, unless it has been done before. Regardless, pump some ten shots into each side, then some five shots annually, otherwise the wheel bearings will run dry and eventually break up inside.
    The front axle should be greased while jacking the chassis up, so that grease gets to the top, where most wear takes place.

    On the 35, check the front axle pivot, which isn't greased but has a steel dry bearing that often breaks up leaving the axle tilting backwards at the bottom. This makes steering difficult.

    If the 25litre drum was full, there may just be enough oil left to change the 6150. In fact I'm sure there will be.
  12. thanks for detailed report.. the 6150 is 2wd and our neighbour has owned it for about 18 months and in that time he has greased nothing!! I will get back to you regarding wheel bearings, last night he told me there is problem with brakes... when he is using it around the yard the brakes are ok but after a few miles on the road the brakes need pumping... I should add he is a distant relation and that is reason I am helping out

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