JD 2650 high/low seized

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by Juggler, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Juggler

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    North Wales
    The high/low lever on my 2650 is seized, right hand consol next to hand throttle, pick below. Its a low profile SG2 cab with main gearsticks on the floor.
    Any suggestions as to what it might be, not stripped anything yet but hoping linkage and not gearbox issue... 20180701_111743.jpg
  2. Tractortech

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    Now Then..
    Any suggestions?? Maybe it's the linkage?? Get under it with the engine off and brake applied with a 13mm spanner to remove the protective cover. Then, while your trusty assistant moves the lever look at what moves / doesn't an deal with it, eh
  3. Ioan annwyl

    Ioan annwyl Member

    No cover on 50 series, it will be the aluminium linkage oxydised and siezed on shaft. Heat gently, boiling water will do, they get very brittle with age.
    XE model, low roof and gear sticks on floor?
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  4. Juggler

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    North Wales
    Thats a great help, thank you!

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