JD 8000 rt v Challenger 765

Did you find the 765D sat level when pulling hard?
Generally all challengers sit level even just before they stall. The old 75e used to lift its nose on a 13 leg shakerator a bit but the newer ones generally not. If any twin track hits hard spots and loose momentum they either start snaking in an ‘S’ pattern loosing all grip or you break a drawbar pin and occasionally they pull the cultivator drawbar off. They grip very well. Look for ‘challenger and scraper box’ videos on you tube. If they can collect 50 tonnes of soil without lifting their nose nothing in agriculture will make them do it either. I think the 75e only did it because the shakerator was linkage mounted and that in combination with the flat track design didn’t really work. The newer track design got over that.

Also see this video of hard pulling.

The main problem with any of these twin tracks is slippery surfaces after rain showers. They just don’t like it and will ‘snake’ on you while a wheeled tractor carries on.

Also watch turning as they screw up the soil especially when drilling on nice seedbeds. It’s best to run RTK and work every other bout and have smooth headland turns but again try turning in the wet and you’ll be in the hedge even if whatever you are towing is lifted out of work because the equipment you are towing acts like an anker which results in the twin track becoming a pendulum.

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