JD750a fan oil leak

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Machinery' started by moretimeforgolf, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. moretimeforgolf

    North Kent, UK
    Has anyone had a hydraulic oil leak into the seed air flow from the fan?
    Our drill is a 2013 4m. I can only think the oil can be seeping past a seal in the fan.
    My main suspect shown in the parts book pages 204/5 would a gasket kit marked '12'.
    The 2 options in the parts list are for Bosch or Sauer pumps - mine has 'Rexroth' stamped on it.
    The fan is still working so I assume I don't need a whole new hydraulic pump.
  2. all_arable

    all_arable Member

    Will be the fan motor seals. If anything like around here then you will probably have more joy with the local KV dealer than anyone talking sence at JD. Was once quoted 6wk wait for fan motor seals but they could sell me one of six new fans
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  3. Northdowns Martin

    Snodland kent
    Interesting, I have similar symptoms on my 750.
  4. clbarclay

    clbarclay Member

    Bosch and Rexroth merged in 2001.

    Why your motor or the parts book don't say Bosch Rexroth instead is anyones guess.
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  5. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy Member

    If you can send me the unit part nr I will see if a seal kit is available.
  6. moretimeforgolf

    North Kent, UK
    Cheers, I’ll have a look tomorrow.
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  7. moretimeforgolf

    North Kent, UK
    Hi. The part number which I think is required is: LCB498824. Does that seem the likely fix?
    Cheers. Nick.
  8. Deutzdx3

    Deutzdx3 Member

    Replacement motors are pretty expensive, the aftermarket motors aren’t that great. Replaced a few of after market ones that lasted just 1 season. Some of them also have to be turned right down as they spin the fan up to 4000 rpm. Normally the centre seal that blows out. You can get a seal kit for them which is the best option but some times doesn’t solve the problem.

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