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Discussion in 'Machinery' started by murphy, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. murphy

    murphy Member

    Thinking about an ex demo Krone Big Pack 4x4 XC Baler. Anybody with any experience of them ?
  2. murphy

    murphy Member

    Anyone ?
  3. texelburger

    texelburger Member

    Haven't got one myself but have heard how people were impressed after having a demo.Several Krone big balers have been sold in our area,don't know exactly which models,and have taken out other makes so I guess they are gaining a good reputation .
  4. KB6930

    KB6930 Member

    There's a smaller 1 working with a contractor round here seems to have a major blow up every season but I've no more details than that just seen it lying in a lot of pieces in the dealer regularly
  5. hobbsy

    hobbsy Member

    Marmite, some people love them and some love to hate them
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Member

    Huntingdon, UK
    A very good baler from a drivers perspective but not so good for the fitter - a lot of awkward bits and working on the VFS is a mission.
    Where are you based and do you know the age / bale count of the baler?
  7. Cowabunga

    Cowabunga Member

    There's one on the farm the other side of town. Next door but one farm-wise to me. It seems to be going very well and is on its fourth season this year I think. I'll ask him next time I see him.
  8. puntabrava

    puntabrava Member

    Have krone made anything that is regarded as the best of its type!! The tedders are crap, they cannot even manage to lift the mower swath cleanly off the floor, the foragers are sold on under cutting Claas and when your into them you cannot get out. Andrew who replied above bought a krone baler and when he eventually managed to sell it I asked him if he would buy another and he said no, so make of that what you will.

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