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    north lincs
    This is very local to me and was posted on FB.

    Apologies for not selling...

    3 Dogs missing!!

    Hi all.
    Appealing for any information.
    A land rover 110 Has just been stolen from Worlaby. Last seen heading at pace towards the motorway. Reg FY62BFZ
    If anyone might of seen it or a Maroon Subaru estate on the area could you please post or contact the police. I’ll edit with the crime number soon.

    There owners concern is not with the vehicle but the 3 Cocker Spaniels that we’re in the back when it was snatched. They may be released in the local area and he is very worried for their wellbeing.
    The dogs go by the names Fly (Black), Brandy (Brown)and Bee (Blue &White)

    Many thanks
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    There has been a maroon subaru (Forester?) around these parts / on Farm Watch for weeks now. Was in Redbourne this morning I heard.
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  3. Lincs Lass

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    north lincs
    Both landy and subaru were spoted up on the 180 juction at barnetby top ,nearly cleaned a lass up about 9am ,young lads in the landy

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