Level of Rural Crime - this monthly report makes you think

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    Was sent this today by local NFU agent - It's Kent Police Rural Team's monthly report

    When you scroll through it, it really brings home the level of rural crime, its diversity and brazenness

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  2. David.

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    J11 M40
    And the heavy scent of pikey about most of the incidents...
  3. Stew B

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    This should surprise no one.

    This is exactly why The Farmers Union has it's syndicate of old cops looking to co-ordinate a response.

    The traditional response is sadly reducing if only because of the increased demand for service.

    I have in my possession emails from Staffs Police to the local rep of a national Farmers group who specialise in insurance. The cops ask the rep what farm crime is like in the county!!!

    The rep says it's not bad!!!

    That justifies the cops in reducing their efforts toward rural crime.

    So the Police Precept tax increases and service decreases.

    If the TFU were out and about the deterrent effect alone would be immense. Add that a Police report shows our methods as reducing burglary by 20%, violence by 57% and criminal damage by 59%.

    If this is the case you have to ask where the real value is.

    Join us.
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    It's got so bad here we have given up using a quad bike because they are gone as soon as they are replaced. They even broke in here last week looking for one but left empty handed as there is nothing left worth having. I am going to put a notice up to that effect to save bother and damage.

    We have to round the sheep up either on foot or using the car. We take shepherd and take feed out using the car.

    If only the police did more night time patrols and stopped and searched loiterers they might do some good, but as it is they are useless.
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  5. Stew B

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    It's not rocket science but being there is one key to effective community safety.

    Presence achieves so much.

    The trouble is that there is very little effective presence.

    Not the cops' fault, it's bean counters.

    Help us co-ordinate.

    Join us.

    The Farmers Union.
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