Looking for the odd weekend use of grazing or access to fields when ploughed in Essex for £300 per year

Hi everyone,

I have posted before but I am changing my approach and hope this is more suitable. I am a history seeker seeking land to enjoy my hobby on the weekend, I the peaceful solo side of the hobby so I have joined a group but seek somewhere to start my own journey.

I detect once or twice a week and the process is really straight forward and would ask for access to ploughed fields when cropping allows or just unused pasture or grazing land. I am careful when searching for buried items and make a 3 way plug so the top can be lifted and plug back in as it was without any damage, if a shovel is intimidating I can use a small edger to retrieve the items. All I need is you to tell me what land I can detect and when and what share you think is fair on finds of value, I always text to confirm I will be attending and wear a hi viz while detecting so you know it is me. I love history and love Essex so for me this is the dream, I am a full time worker and farther of 4 girls so not rich and know £300 is not a lot to a farmer but is all I have and can spare to enjoy my hobby so I ask please consider as I am truly no stress. Please message me if you are interested or you can help, thank you for your time and patience.

Michael. Lee Gerstmann.

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