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I'm looking for tractor driving work and can start immediately. I am 40 and previously worked for large arable farmers and contractors in the Shropshire area as well as some construction site tractor work.

I have had a bit of a break from farming and have been involved in agricultural based, civil engineering and some forestry work, driving tractors and other machinery.

I am now looking for, hopefully, a full-time position with a contractor or arable farm but I will happily take any temporary contracts/trial period if required.

I'm based near Goole, I don't mind travelling 35-40 minutes in any direction. I'm hardworking, honest and friendly. I treat other peoples equipment as if it was my own and I have no problem with long, unsociable hours.

I can email my cv to you or answer any questions if you'd like to contact me via davidcooke79@aol.com

Cheers, Dave.

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