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Discussion in 'Rural Diversification' started by tm140, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Thinking of buying a luxury toilet to hire out. Would be a 2nd hand one to start with as they are serious money new. Is anybody else doing a similar thing?. Thought it would work well with my farming activity's as it would not be to time demanding, just deliver and collect when event is finished.
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    Don't know about the economics, but my landlord has some. He does have a separate tank in the yard for emptying them as they are chemical toilets, so there is some investment required in infrastructure.
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    When I worked for philpots in Billericay. Peters youngest son Stuart had a business hiring luxury mobile toilets. Mobile thrones it was called. Think he'd a deal with a company that hired marquees and they came as complete package. Remember picking them up in London in middle of night then pulling plug for tank on motorway to reduce weight and get home quicker!

    Things you do as a student!

    He bought them in kit form and built them up.
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    East Midlands
    We had a young farmers party in the grainstore a few years ago, a young lady went for a pee then four lads appeared and turned the whole loo upside down! Can be a messy job me thinks.
  5. Where abouts are you? Abba Loos in Aberystwyth have a large fleet of Luxury Toilet blocks.
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    Based in Herefordshire. Would be willing to cover a radius of about 70miles. seen some nice tidy 2nd hand units for around the 10k mark, so would take about 25-30 hire days to pay for itself and lead itself to hire a few more different things maybe.
  7. I used to work for ABBA Loos and used to deliver the 'posh blocks'.
    Ours were 3.5t without waste and water on board so had to be discharged before towing behind a 4x4.
    The advantage of this was that the 4x4 didn't need to have a tacho if the tanks were empty (we had this in writing from VOSA before anyone questions it) but you would require a tanker to empty so we ended up towing them behind the tankers.
    We got most of our 'new' enquiries from attendimg wedding fairs.
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    Didn't realise they were so heavy empty. Got a crew cab pick'up which i could put some sort of tank in. Was thinking would i need to use tacho so you have answered that thank you. Would get around the wedding fairs and try to get in with some marque firms to.
  9. The posh ones are heavy because they have proper bathroom fittings including ceramic basins, toilets and urinals. If I remember correctly they also had inslated and tiled (ceramic) walls.
    We had a tank fitted in the back of a hilux which used to empty the standard portaloos at festivals etc and that used to hold about 6 portaloos of waste.
    Don't forget that you will need to take clean water for some locations as well.
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    North Yorkshire
  11. I believe we used to help them out and visa versa as we had similar kit to them.

    Just to clarify my Tacho comment, I was driving for them 5+ years ago so maybe things have changed since then so please don't go on my words alone!
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