Meet uSense, an affordable multispectral camera for drones


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As you, we are passionate about drones and agricultural applications. At the moment, we have developed a low-cost camera that would let you know about health of plants and crops through NDVI multispectral analysis. The good news is that we will launch it by a crowdfunding project in Kickstarter. Here there are the main features of uSense camera.

To drive our product to the right market we would like to know your comments and thoughts regarding the next questions:

1. Type of uses that you will do it with a camera like that.

2. What are the features that you will love add it?

3. How much you will be willing to pay?

Thank you for your comments, we appreciate the time and any link that you think could help us as well.

If you want to know more, don't hesitate to contact us!


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Interesting idea. I was looking at the potential to use multi-spectral imaging in urban pollution tracing last year. It has so many potential uses.

From my point of view as a grassland man I'd be interested in the potential for estimating crop density and volume, for crop health analysis and for nutrient planning. If these could be achieved simply using your camera added to a reasonably priced drone I could see forward thinking livestock producers being prepared to go to £2k to £5k for the full setup (drone + camera).


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It looks like a GoPro clone,
- so should fit existing gimbal mounts.
- it won't cost much for the clone (£30, ish), plus $275 for the *conversion* to NDVI (a lot cheaper as a factory fit), plus profit margin.
- it's light and compact and dare I say it : disposable.

But, if it doesn't have lux meter compensation it will be vulnerable to variable light levels (passing cloud / direct sun) and the data will be worthless. Less so in the Mid West USA, but very restrictive in the UK .

Does it have onboard GPS? metadata? geo-referenced data?

Will it be bundled with *suitable* software to enable photo stitching, analysis, etc etc?
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Top cereal and oilseed growers honoured at the Yield Enhancement Network Awards 2021

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Despite an average growing year for most crops, many growers managed to go above and beyond their predicted max yields, with Lincolnshire grower Tim Lamyman taking the top spots for his wheat yields and his world record breaking winter barley yield.

The highest cereal and oilseed yields achieved at harvest 2021 were announced at this year’s Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) Awards on Wednesday 24th November at the Croptec Show. With award presentations by Tom Bradshaw, Vice President of NFU, 24 farms took home the evening’s top awards for highest yield and highest potential yield achieved for wheat, winter and spring barley, oats, and oilseed. The 2021 winners came from all corners of the UK, as well as from as far afield as Finland and New Zealand.

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