Metal Detecting Advice - North Somerset & Surrounding Areas

Morning folks, I'm after some help and advice please. I posted this in the wrong folder originally; hence am trying again now that I know there's a dedicated sub-folder.

Firstly, I'm not a farmer and the limit to my knowledge of your profession is watching that Jeremy Clarkson thing on Amazon Prime. With that being said I have a lot of respect for what you do and how you do it.

Secondly, the reason for my invading your forum is that I'm after some help. I'm trying out a new hobby of metal detecting and wanted some advice and/or guidance on the process to identify and obtain the necessary permissions to perform my hobby.

1) I live in North Somerset and wanted to know if there's a list or record of farm and land owners such that I might approach them for permission to detect on their land. Does such a thing exist? The fact that I'm on a farming forum gives me a degree of hope, but a quick Google search of "farms near [xxxx]" hasn't proved as useful as I would have hoped. If no such list exists, what might you suggest? Many of the tales from the detecting forums suggest farming shows or machinery auctions or agricultural fairs as being an effective way to make an introduction, but the lockdown seems to have put pay to that.

2) In terms of the "approach" itself, can I ask what would work for you? Letter, e-mail, phone call, the direct-knock-at-the-door option? Do any of you permit detecting on your land(s) already..........if so, may I ask for any feedback on successful/unsuccessful behaviour?

3) Do any of the members live in the Bristol/Somerset area and would you be happy to have a chat about me detecting on your land?

I guess what I'm asking is for any advice you could offer as to how to identify and approach land owners in the first instance.


New report underlines need for joined-up action to protect rivers

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New report underlines need for joined-up action to protect rivers

Written by Defra Press Office

A wide river is in view in a valley in the background, a drystone wall is behind the river, and large, green trees are prominent in the scene.

The Rivers Trust has today launched its State of Our Rivers report aiming to allow the English public understand and explore the health of their rivers on a national and local scale.

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