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  1. For options such as AB8 (flower rich margins and plots) and AB6 (extended overwinter stubble) in the option requirements it says that records must be kept for 'field operations at the parcel level, including associated invoices'.

    I never really new exactly what this meant. Say, for example, you have a corner of the field in AB8, do you only record when you do things to the option, or do you have to record all other field operations in the main part of the field?
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    Just for the option, though the bit about "at the parcel level" rings alarm bells. My NE advisor and the consultant we hired to help with the application both said just keep records for what you do on the option.

    I have records for the rest of the field not in any options anyway. That's what Gatekeeper is for. Even cultivations - it helps with doing valuations at year end and for using operating margin information when looking at new cropping. Field applications & harvest are all on Gatekeeper jobs anyway.
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  3. Crop recording system putting down all the operations on the farm
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  4. At parcel level is exactly what was worrying me. Don't have Gatekeeper so field operations (apart from fert and spray) are not recorded on a field-by-field basis.
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    Surely you need to do that for ACCS? I thought field records of all operations was a requirement? Have I dreamt that?
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    That would be pesticide records required under FEPA part 3, not necessarily cultivation passes too. Fertiliser field record keeping is a Red Tractor requirement (I don't know if this is a legal requirement too)


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