Moving Parts Danger?

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by bluebell, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. bluebell

    bluebell Member

    Why oh Why, do you see so often on, dare i say you tube people getting off tractors to check something, say a baler and tractor and baler is still working? bad enough if you just disengage the PTO and leave the tractor just ideling, also at the same time you also see the PTO cover is spinning round ? What do others think, you get away with it say 999 times out of a thousand but just once, just once ?
  2. Depends who you are watching but I’m pretty sure all pto covers in the US are not chained. Seems daft to me.

    Even here Bateford for example don’t sell chains for their pto covers
  3. bluebell

    bluebell Member

    well what a small world it is nice to here from people from all over the english speaking world?
  4. milkloss

    milkloss Member

    East Sussex
    All guilty of it at some point I’m sure.
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  5. 8100

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    South Cheshire
    We had a chap on hire on the landfill who showed me his leg after climbing over a rotor spreader PTO and getting caught in it .His leg was boned like a fish he said and how he got out of it was a miracle .Just a few quid on a guard or a walk around the spreader and that would have saved the grief .
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  6. FIL46

    FIL46 Member

    It’s crazy I know, give it time and new tractors won’t run when no driver on the seat or in the cab
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  7. The guy climbed over an unguarded pto shaft while it was running?
    That's got to be a Darwinism if ever there was!
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  8. mixed breed

    mixed breed Member

    It does go on, was talking to someone at a sale last week, quite an expirenced chap, he was saying that their silage rake is poorly designed, because in order to turn the height adjusting handle, your legs are less than a foot away from the rake arms and it scares him he could be pulled in:eek: I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing. Surely you stop the pto to adjust it? I enquired. Oh no, he said, it needs to be running so you can set it properly... :confused:(n)

    It makes me wince just thinking about it..
  9. topless_matt

    topless_matt Member

    New tractors will shut PTO off when you get off the seat after a few seconds. Can manually be overridden in the control screen if need be. Ie a slurry pump.
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  10. Drillman

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    North Yorkshire
    Actually he does have a point. But it’s something I avoid myself. For the exact reason mentioned.
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  11. topless_matt

    topless_matt Member

    You can spin them by hand so doesn’t really need the pto running though
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  12. Biggest curse out on the lawnmower, you can't step off to push when you get stuck, or even bounce on the seat to get grip.:mad::confused::)
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  13. icanshootwell

    icanshootwell Member

    There,s no helping some people, some have common sense, some have sh!t for brains.:facepalm:
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  14. mixed breed

    mixed breed Member

    Long before my time, my grandfather got under a new Holland baler to rethread the needles, pto was running, it tripped and the needle arm crushed his head. He survived but was in hospital for a very long time and was never the same after.
    Mother was teenager when it happened and the talk at the time was that the dual clutch was out of adjustment and engaging pto was a faff so once he'd got the pto on it stayed on.. (n)

    Its off before I leave the seat here. Apart from the sprayer, Oh the air drill, checking for blocked spouts maybe.
  15. kiwi pom

    kiwi pom Member

    canterbury NZ
    The problem is the people that do dumb stuff don't even realise they are doing it, so they still think they belong to the 'common sense' group.
    We all do stupid stuff the key is (assuming you survive)to realise it was dumb and not do it again. That seems to be the part some struggle with.
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  16. Richy12

    Richy12 Member

    I believe it's called "optimistic bias" thinking it will never happen you.

    A neighbours son lost his arm on a cement mixer pto driven when he was 15/16, he was rubbing his hand on the drum on the mortar snots, sleeve caught and jammed him in. Stalled the tractor it was that bad...
  17. grainboy

    grainboy Member

    Many years ago, Health and safety man pointed to the Gap on Massey 35, between radiator Fan and engine, as he said it needs a guard here, his fingers turned a red colour.
    Oh how we smiled.
  18. sawdust

    sawdust Member

    o_O You thought it was funny that a man cut his fingers off...:wtf:
  19. grainboy

    grainboy Member

    No just the irony, fingers were still intact.
    Intelligent people have no common sense,
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  20. Dry Rot

    Dry Rot Member

    I've said this before on here and it got ignored then too.

    How many tedders/rakes do you see with the guards removed from the rotors? Yes, I'm just as guilty as the next. But if you put your machines inside, the guards do take up a lot of space. And if you buy s/h (like I do!), it's only the expensive ones that still have the guards intact, most rattled off years ago.

    Don't believe me? Try doing a Google Images for hay bob! Everyone remembers the PTO shaft even if they don't turn the engine off.

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