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Discussion in 'Computers & IT' started by casemx 270, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. casemx 270

    casemx 270 Member

    East midlands
    Looking for ideas for a tougher smart phone that can with stand farm worker abuse
  2. A1an

    A1an Member

    CAT or JCB branded smartphones are worth a look. Don't expect Hi Spec but they do stand up to a bit of abuse.
  3. Chris F

    Chris F Staff Member

    Tuff phones also worth a look.
  4. Just do what everyone does here

    Buy the smart phone of your choice then buy an Otter Box or similar hard case to protect it

    My iPhone 5 is how many years old, survives farming / off road motorbikes & athletics. Been dropped etc many times & caught in rain etc ( never dropped it into water though ) , no physical problems with it at all

    Best insurance for your phone there is
  5. Jackov Altraids

  6. Jameshenry

    Jameshenry Member

    I've had a samsung x cover for a few years now, can't really fault it
  7. Boydvalley

    Boydvalley Member

    AGM X3
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  8. casemx 270

    casemx 270 Member

    East midlands
    Need to be able to add extra apps on to it
  9. Boydvalley

    Boydvalley Member

    Android 8.1 so you should be able. Hi spec phone for the money. Still a lot for a farm phone. Just opened their European base in this country so their not worried about brexit. Should be able to get backup.
    Was just about to buy one but junior just upgraded to iPhone now at long last he’s paying so got a hand me down.
  10. Frankzy

    Frankzy Member

    Jamtland, Sweden
    I would also just buy whatever phone i liked the most and then just have a beefy case for when im out working..
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  11. tw15

    tw15 Member

    I have a ruggex ip38 tuff phone with android system on board . Brilliant phone takes a lot of abuse Cost about £180.00 and the battery will last about 3 days on a charge. Worth a look

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