Not the usual deer stalking wanted ad

Hi all,
I've said this is not the usual wanted ad for stalking/shooting. What I mean is that I won't tell you how nice I am, how I'm discreet and conscientious and respeful and by the way please can I come shooting on your farm.

Although of course, all of that is true!

I currently work more or less full time on a farm and I have access to some pest control when it's needed, but my real passion for a hobby is deer management. I am more than willing to pay a fair price in exchange for the opportunity to manage deer on land almost anywhere in England. At all times the landowner will retain the "rights" and I will not sublet or take paying guests out, etc. With your permission I may occasionally want to bring a guest to accompany me, under my supervision. I have no interest in taking big trophy heads, but I would aim to implement a plan that would increase the quality of the genetics present and hopefully promote nice animals coming through. If numbers need reducing with a heavy cull to prevent crop/forestry damage then so be it, and I will put in the hours to achieve this. Otherwise I'd be careful to keep the established population in check and not simply shoot anything that moves. In addition to a fair fee, I can offer free chainsaw work (I'm qualified and have experience felling) and/or help where possible around my other work at busy times or for those one off jobs where more hands are always needed. I can drive a tractor, telehandler, etc.
I'm happy to come to whatever arrangement suits regarding any venison, I have the relevant certificate to pass carcasses into the food chain and would be happy to provide meat or share a proportion of the profit from any carcasses sold (obviously this would depend on the number of deer present/size of the area, etc.)

I am fully insured and have what is known as an "open" or "unrestricted" firearms certificate, meaning I am able to shoot anywhere with permission from the landowner without the need for additional Police clearance/checks to be carried out.

If you have a game shoot I am more than willing to help out with any keeper's jobs as well, although I would not ask for any game bird shooting, and of course I'd keep out of the way during the season.

This is a genuine advert, if you would like to discuss then please message via the site or email with a view to arranging a meeting.
I am based in Worcestershire but would travel for the right opportunity. I am aware that MANY supposed stalkers and/or pest controllers turn up only once in a blue moon and expect to act as if they own the place, whilst not really helping or doing the job that needs to be done. This is not me, although stalking is my hobby it is something I take seriously and will make considerable sacrifices for.

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