Opico Air8 drive cable

drive cable on my Air8 rape seeder has just failed, any ideas where i could source a replacement or get one made up ? - Opico want £400 for a 3.5 metre one, which i thought was a bit steep for a 12mm twisted wire rope inside a hydraulic hose.


south powys
I pull the wire rope out of the cable and was lucky it broke with about a foot from the end. Cut the tab off the end and mig welded it back on. Then got a hydaulic crimp to go on the outer rubber. That was 3 years ago. But I have thought would a shearing machine drive do the same.

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JCB launches Fastrac ‘iCon’

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine

JCB has launched new Fastrac 4000 and 8000 Series tractors with an all-new electronics infrastructure which is claimed to deliver higher levels of performance. According to JCB, the new Fastrac iCon operator environment has three key features: iConfigure – creating a bespoke control experience for every operator iConnect – integrating advanced precision agriculture technology iControl – redefining operation through new driveline software The 175hp to 348hp (133kW to 260kW) Fastracs feature the new iCon armrest console and touch-screen display to provide flexibility in operator allocation and operator information, as well as a new transmission control strategy to enhance operator comfort and powertrain efficiency, says the manufacturer...