Situation Vacant Partnership in the process of buying and selling used agricultural machinery.

I am in Russia and sell agricultural machinery on Russian bulletin boards, like Avito, and at the same time create a website that sells it, but I do not want to be responsible to the client for the quality of a used harvester, tractor, Mulcher and so on! Are there people here who want me to send my clients to them for the process of concluding a deal on the purchase and sale of agricultural equipment (I plan to receive my salary in the form of a part of advertising expenses or as a percentage of the purchase and sale of equipment)? Can you organize the delivery of used equipment from Scandinavia, Europe, or the USA at a price that is favorable for a client in Russia? What guarantees can you provide to clients that they will not be deceived by you? Thank you for your attention to my post and I look forward to hearing from you!

Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet

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Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet

"With the loss of Bromoxynil another BLW herbicide was needed" says Premium Crops Company Agronomist, Hannah Foxall,"Having fluroxypyr as a Post-Emergence option will enhance our control of; cleavers, knotgrass, black nightshade, fumitory, chickweed and black bindweed in the millet crop"

As with all EAMUs any restrictions guidance stated on the products labels must be adhered to and the approval document can be found by clicking...