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Discussion in 'Workshop Projects' started by jimmer, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. jimmer

    jimmer Member

    East Devon
    thought i would start a thread for us all to show off our home made masterpieces and in many cases probably, bodges
    here is one of mine to start

    used to be used daily to transport feed to calves , now a good string and plastic carrier
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Member

    Huntingdon, UK
    Motor went on the pillar drill so I cut the top off and welded a bit of channel on. Already had a slip in chuck for the mag drill. Cheap pillar drill, Idea came from Cab Over Pete on the other forum.
  3. John 1594

    John 1594 Member

    JCB telehandler with electric selction of the 4 wheel steer

    both potentiometers broke, needed a new switch and a new brain, was going to cost a forture. As its only used in a scrapyard crab steer isnt needed, so i plumbed a 4 way valve into the system with a control rod into the footwell to operate it, push in for 4 wheel steer, pull out for 2 wheel steer

    no wires, no solenoids, idiot proof.


  4. You don't want to be copying me!!!! Whilst mine works a treat, every time I use it I get smothered in oil!
  5. jimmer

    jimmer Member

    East Devon
    IMG0086A.jpg IMG0087A.jpg IMG0088A.jpg

    first is a vacuum clamp which squeezes when air blast is turned off to restrict flow of milk through plate cooler and opens when in wash

    second two are fairly obvious uses of 5 gallon drums for outside cake feeders
  6. stroller

    stroller Member

    Somerset UK

    Rappa fencer with bearings instead of the crappy nylon bushes, the drive belt from the wheel no longer has to have a twist in it, wearing it's self out, the one way cogs on the shaft are turned around and the poly wire feeds onto the top of the reel instead of the bottom. The white bit around the tube is a bit of 32mm sink waste the black bit on the tube above is 3/4" water pipe, both act as wear pad for the drive belt.
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  7. multi power

    multi power Member

    i normaly put teats on 5 gall drums, same teat as weydale fedder, mum was finding the weydale fedder heavy
  8. ernie

    ernie Member

    This took less than a day to make when we got fed up with taking the tractor off the post knocker to put on the straw chopper every day, i can also mount a wire un roller in the same place. ImageUploadedByTFF1385579374.248777.jpg ImageUploadedByTFF1385579400.646749.jpg ImageUploadedByTFF1385579428.507440.jpg
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  9. ARW

    ARW Member

    where do you plug the oil pipes!
    do you slew the arm round and pipe into the breaker pipes?
  10. John 1594

    John 1594 Member

    built this last winter but havent had chance to try it yet!!!!

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  11. ernie

    ernie Member

    I use the slew as it is but with long pipes, not ideal but it helps with the weight, oh and a bit of wood under the breaker pedal! Bodges are allowed aren't they?
  12. eulb

    eulb Member

    Would the blade circuit have enough flow?

    You could fit a diverter valve and have short oil pipes.
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  13. ernie

    ernie Member

    that may be a good idea I'm sure it would have enough flow and it would be a lot neater. it's just it worked so we left it.
  14. jd6930

    jd6930 Member

    scottish borders
    nov 005.jpg
    old hydraulic fan from a scrap lemken drill and couple of bits of drainage pipe to make blower for blowing hedge clippings off the road. not the prettiest but very effective
  15. llamedos

    llamedos New Member

    bigger drums used for putting lick buckets in at pasture, stops them melting in the rain & getting pee'd in, same method just cut a hole in the side leave the top and bottom on (y)
  16. Great thread, hope it runs for a long time.:D
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  17. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    Bodged bucket at a neighbours last week. Mine recycle handles from 3 gallon buckets onto 5 gallon drums

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  18. hillman

    hillman Member

    Wicklow Ireland
    image.jpg Mineral feeder using old sheep lick buckets
    image.jpg My old €40 crush with handle at rear for headstock rubber floor, upright took out so can clip and bar across top so can move with loader
    image.jpg Feed barrier made out of old cubicle s image.jpg furrow press made into grass seeder ,
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  19. ernie

    ernie Member

    Had to make some sheep feeders a bit quick today, it's got too wet to feed on the ground now! They are made out of 9 inch twinwall pipe. I hope they last but our sheep are not known for being well behaved!
  20. Mydexta

    Mydexta Member

    Would it not be worth drilling 2-3 hopes along the length of those troughs to let water escape or will they just get tipped over anyway

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